Welfare Oriented Programmes

The impoverished and marginalized people are extended help and assistance with the help of welfare oriented programmes. Thus a dignified life is ensured by fulfilling the utmost needs of the target people. The Health awareness and promotion programmes through Veeramamunivar Siddha hospital and the clinics address the health related needs of the target people. Special emphasis is given for indigenous (Siddha) medicines.

The Pre-school education centres (Balwadies) cater to the needs of poor children in rural and urban areas and enable them to enroll into primary schools.

The Tailoring centres administered by TSSS give opportunities for the poor rural women, who are mostly school drop-outs, to learn the art of tailoring and to earn for their sustenance.

The Srilankan Tamil refugees living in the refugee camps of Tirunelveli District are duly taken care and their basic needs have been met by the series of Pudhu Vazhvu programmes implemented for their development.

The women in distress due to domestic violence and dowry-related problems are duly counselled and shown the ways to face the problems and to overcome the same with concerted action. TSSS renders the much needed support to the domestic violence and dowry prohibitions committee functioning in the district for addressing the needs and problems of women.

The Micro-insurance programmes help the family members and the persons insured during their life and after death.