Message from director

Fr_Joseph_johnson_SWe are much delighted at presenting this 44th Annual report of TSSS which is replete with the outcome and results of TSSS interventions.  The target people of TSSS namely landless agricultural labourers, small and marginal farmers, oppressed women, dalits and other backward sections of people, the disadvantaged children and women in difficult circumstances, the differently-abled persons and other excluded communities living in the society benefit largely from the interventions of TSSS.

Inclusive development is the avowed aim of TSSS and all the wings of TSSS work in tandem to achieve the aim with the collaboration and cooperation of all the right-minded people. The Empowerment programmes of TSSS enable the target people to assert their rights and to ensure fair and equitable development in their lives. The dalit and backward caste women, small and marginal farmers, excluded communities and the other oppressed sections of people greatly benefit from the empowerment programmes.The Kolping programme ensures comprehensive development for its beneficiaries

The Economic development programmes of TSSS teach them the habit of savings and frugal living and help them to attain integrated economic development in their lives. Much emphasis is laid to develop what they have in their lives and to excel in the fields of their liking.

The welfare oriented programmes of TSSS promote community health and community based welfare programmes for engendering changes in the lives of the poor people, disadvantaged children, youth, women, Srilankan Tamil refugees and those women and children affected by domestic violence. The Micro-insurance programmes is a boon for the people who rely on their day-to-day sustenance for their very living.

The Institutional services of TSSS facilitate the poverty-stricken children and youth to avail quality and job-oriented education and to get apt employment opportunities to excel in their lives. The children in difficult circumstances are cared and helped through Saranalayam for growing like other normal children and to taste integrated development in the lives. The Aged persons and the destitute children who are abandoned by the society are taken care and protected in the Integrated complex for Aged and Destitute.  The HIV-infected persons find a solace in the Sontham home and they are extraordinarily taken care by the Doctors and Sisters in the home. LIFT (Leading India’s Future Today) creates a better future for the poor and disadvantaged younger generations and nurtures them as integral and altruistic personalities in their lives. The Catholic Health Association of Palayamkottai through its dispensaries and health centres at the grassroots reach out to the poor and marginalized sections of people and help them to attain holistic health.

It is indeed a privilege for us to remember at this juncture the unstinted support and guidance of the President, members of the General Body, funding partners, leaders and members of community based organizations as well as people’s federations, Government Officials and the resource organizations for facilitating the change visualized by TSSS to permeate into their lives and minds.

We gratefully remember in a special way the financial support extended by Manos Unidas ,Episcopal Conference of Italiana, Caritas India, Catholic Relief Services, Kolping India and other well-wishers and supporters of TSSS. The support extended by Manos Unidas enabled us to reach out to Single women who have been in the state of socio-economic and cultural oppression. In the same way, the support from Episcopal Conference of Italiana and Caritas India helped us to organize the small and marginal farmers and to train them in the perspectives of eco-farming and sustainable agricultural techniques. Above all, a renaissance in the lives of the oppressed farmers could be achieved with these interventions.

We are grateful to Catholic Relief Services, Caritas India and TASOSS for helping us to take up the Institutional Capacity Building initiatives for the holistic development of the organization on the whole and the staff and other stakeholders in particular. It is our duty to remember the support of Tamilnadu Voluntary Resource Centre and Tamilnadu Women Development Corporation through the support of MahalirThittam for facilitating TSSS to create the much needed change in the lives of the poor and marginalized women. The help rendered by Catholic Relief Services through the series of Pudhu Vazhvu programmes for creating the change in the lives of Srilankan Tamil refugees is worth remembered. In the same way, the support rendered by TASOSS for the New Thrust Programme initiatives is gratefully remembered. The support from Kolping India National Office is very helpful to the target people and we are very thankful to Rev.Fr.Antony Raj and the Programme Support officers for their overall support and guidance to make the programme percolate to the last beneficiary covered under it.

We gratefully remember the financial support of “Life Insurance Corporation of India” for extending its financial support from L.I.C’s Golden Jubilee Fund for the construction of a Women Resource cum Training Centre at John Paul Nagar in Tirunelveli which is definitely a boon for the teeming number of women’s organizations for holding their day-today meetings, trainings and other skill cum capacity building initiatives.

We wholeheartedly extend our gratitude and love to our President and Bishop Most Rev.Jude Paulraj for leading us in the path of inclusive development and for inspiring us through his words and deeds. The Members of General and Governing body of TSSS shoulder with us in all the interventions and help us to achieve greater heights in the spheres of development. We specially remember the fruitful cooperation and collaboration extended by Rev.Fr.Motcharajan, the administrator of SARANALAYAM and Rev.Fr.Joseph Kennedy, the administrator of Educational Institutions for attaining the goal and objectives of TSSS in all earnestness.

We remember with gratitude all the partner agencies within and outside India and the different line departments of the State and Central Government of India for their continuous and fruitful collaboration.

It is no doubt that the grassroots community based organizations and people’s federations are the pillars of TSSS and we are much indebted to the service rendered by the leaders and volunteers of people’s groups for helping TSSS to grow as a towering organization.

Let us together build a just and egalitarian society for the greater glory of God.


With Love and Solidarity,