Livelihood And Security

Sewing Training is not only the traditional employment source but also the easy one with flexible working hours for women. Hence TSSS imparts Tailoring Training to the girls and young women in the villages. The particulars of trainings given are as follows:

Kazhugumalai : 139 students
Surandai : 155 students
Mukkudal : 143 students
Senthamaram : 85 students
Total : 522 students

In addition to the sewing training, the girls are trained in embroidery and handicraft. Special training is also given to them for making ready-made garments. Cutting and machine works are taught to them. They learn to make chudidhars, handkerchiefs, inner garments, nighties, shirts, and bottoms for girls, tops, blouse and so on. The training is given for a period of 6 months. Some are self employed after the training while a few of them take orders from company and stitch them after some professional training. Many young girls earn considerably and bring additional income to the family.


The rural poor migrate mainly due to lack of suitable livelihood, employment and income generation avenues. Migration had a negative impact on women and children.  The education of the children got affected. Hence it was decided to provide some space for young women to learn and execute alternate employments. Milk is said to be a “complete food”. Milk production was identified to be a potential alternative employment to women. Hence TSSS continues to expand and strengthen the programme since it remains very successful and beneficial.

Particulars of Milk Procurement Centres:

S. No Village No. of Milk Producers Milk Produced( In Litres)
1 Bharathi Nagar TSSS Farm 260
2 Aayankulam 24 218
3 Pudhukulam 41 367
4 Tuckarammalpuram 12 95
5 Rajagopalapuram 12 120
6 Vettiyapanthi 14 105
7 Nochikulam 29 265
8 Arockianathapuram 15 98
9 Nariyuthu 17 78
10 Pallamadai 28 145
11 Kuppanapuram 10 100
  Total 202 1851

In proportion, TSSS has expanded the milk sales outlets too. At present there are 15 sales outlets. The surplus milk is processed into Milk Sweet – Milk peda. Thus marketing of procured milk is ensured every day.Training to Leaders on MIS – Management Information SystemEstablishment of Dairy Cooperatives is truly a herculean Task. Permission from the municipal administration was obtained. The society needs to be supplied with full information regarding the procurement and sale of milk.Moreover, transparency and accountability have to be ensured to win the confidence of the people, viz, consumers, producers, sales persons, milk collectors, recovery team members and so on.Therefore, TSSS organized a workshop on the Management Information System for the efficient management of the programme at Bharathi Nagar

Date of Training : 02.05.2012 & 03.05.2012
Place of Training : John Paul Training Centre, Bharathi Nagar
No of Participants : 52
Resource Person : Dr.John Peter, Professor, Joseph Institute of  Management, Trichy-2.

Monitoring and Review Meetings

A team was set up to monitor the effective functioning of the dairy cooperatives at all levels. In each village a point person for the milk programme was appointed by the respective village and the person was in-charge of procurement of milk, quality control, accounting and record keeping.

  • Measurement and strict monitoring of quality of milk are done by the woman in charge.
  • Besides, the point persons, Mr. Ravi & Mr. Cyril Rathin used to make surprise visits to the procurement centres and engage in checking the quality of milk.
  • In addition, the Executive Director of TSSS, Fr.Joseph Johnson, monitored the programme implementation.
  • Financial management was verified and audited by the Finance Manager Mr.Nelson and the Chief Accountant, Mr.Cyril
  • The staff reviewed each programme at their monthly review and planning meetings.

The TSSS audit team monitored the financial position at the end of each month and submitted a report to the Director and the Committee.

A Case Study

A family freed from the vicious cycle of Poverty with the helping hand lent by Bharathi Milk Cooperative Society

Ms.Aalayamani, wife of Mr.Gnanaprakasam, is a resident of Pudukulam Village in the Catholic Diocese of Palayamkottai. The poor farming family with four children struggled hard for its survival till it joined the Milk Cooperative Society!

During an interaction with her, Ms.Aalayamani, the Catholic woman, said, “Life was terrible to us and disadvantage to my children till 2008. However, my association with Milk Society and Natural Farmers Association opened up new avenues for us. At present, my family income has tripled. The livestock has also multiplied. Initially I owned just one cow. Now I have four cows, 8 goats and 15 country chickens. My husband looks after the livestock. We pour around 22 litres of milk every day and earn a profit of INR.10000 plus. I have sent two of my sons to higher education. We have purchased 5 cents of residential plot and some jewels to my daughter. We are able to save some money every month!” 

Thanks to the Milk Cooperative Society that helped the family turn over a new leaf! The credit facility and Milk Society helped the family to liberate itself from the moneylenders and middle traders. The trainings offered by TSSS generated awareness and enhanced coping skills.

Ms.Aalayamani with her husband Mr.Gnanaprakasam – Resuming a happy life