Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management is one of the key empowerment programmes of TSSS which has been administered successfully even after the project completion.The following activities had been delivered in the program villages which engendered socioeconomic, cultural and political changes in the lives of the target farmers.

  • The farmers groups functioning in the villages of Parvathiyapuram, Pallamadai, Nariyuthu and Venkalapottal insist Government to waive farm loans of the deserving farmers who faced agricultural loss in second consecutive years.
  • Five hundred and seventeen farmers involve in the production and sale of panchakavya, vermicompost, biocompost, fish tonic, herbal pest repellent and other natural and bio-agri products by making use of the home and farm wastes.
  • The farmers associations have developed greater linkage with the banks and other financial institutions.
  • Participation in the Gramasaba meetings enabled the farmers to articulate their needs and to pass apt resolutions and to send the same to the District Collector and other line departments for further follow-up action.
  • The farmers clubs and men and women groups formed and functioning at the grassroots villages facilitate them to get access to Government schemes and benefits.
  • The water bodies and the available water sources at the grassroots are duly taken care and maintained by mobilizing resources from various stakeholders namely Government, Voluntary organizations and the panchayats.
  • The lessons learned from the project enable the target farmers to diversify their resources and investments for getting good returns from the same.

We extend our whole-hearted gratitude to Caritas India, the Regional Manager , Mr.Haridass, and the State Officer, Mr.JohnArokiaraj for the hand-holding partnership and financial support.