Mother Teresa Women Resource Cum Training Centre

Mother Teresa Women Resource Cum Training centre has been utilized by the members of the people’s federations since its opening in February 2015. Various Capacity building training programmes and Women federation meetings have been organized in the resource cum training centre. The leaders, members of people’s federations belonging to Palayamkottai zone make use of the Mother Teresa Women Resource cum Training centre for holing their weekly, fortnightly and monthly meetings and planning out strategies for various development initiatives of women and men federations. Besides the above meetings, TSSS conducts the Review, Planning and Training for the staff and people’s leaders every month in the resource cum training centre. Special training cum capacity building programmes are organized in the women resource cum training centre for enhancing the capacities of the staff and leaders.

A series of capacity building training programmes on Strategy and Planning, Eco-farming and Sustainable agriculture and Entrepreneurship development programmes had been delivered to TSSS Staff, Leaders and members of People’s federations during the reporting year. In short, Mother Teresa Women Resource & Training Centre is a boon for the teeming number of women, men and children from TSSS people’s groups to increase their capacities in various development spheres. Thanks to Life Insurance Corporation of India for their financial support and cooperation.

Weaving palm-fibre baskets for economic development (A story of change)

The Self Help Groups by name Jansi Rani, Manimegalai, Roja, Kannagi, Thenpothigai and Dr.Ambedkar have been functioning at Devarkulam in Melaneelithanallur block with the guidance and support of TSSS. The people belonging to Devarkulam village are impoverished dalit people and they are daily agricultural labourers. The members of the above-mentioned groups were given entrepreneurial and income generation training programmes for improving their economic standards. The above training programmes motivated the members to get involved in any one of the viable income generation activity and to earn additional income for their livelihood. They decided to involve in the business of weaving pam-fibre baskets and to sell the same to the whole sale merchants in Tirunelveli town.

As the group members were in need of initial investments, they availed a loan from their savings and started the business at Devarkulam itself. The raw materials needed for palm-fibre basket making are available in the villages in and around Sankarankovil block which has umpteen number of palmyra trees. Hence, the group members procured the needed raw materials and started producing the palm-fibre baskets. Besides getting daily wages for their sustenance, they get a share in the profit from the sale of palm fibre baskets. Each member gets an average of Rs.4,000/-per month as wages and a share from the sale from this income generation activity which is very helpful for leading a debt-free and self reliant life.They are very grateful to TSSS and the staff for showing the way to attain economic development in their lives.