Kolping India Programme In Palay-Region

Blessed Adolf Kolping initiated the Kolping movement for the mobile workers in Cologn on 6th May 1849. Today the Kolping movement has sprouted its branches in 62 countries globally. The head office of the International Kolping movement is now functioning in Cologn. The movement started its functioning in India in 1980 and now it has been functioning in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Kerala, Andhrapradesh and Karnataka with the total membership of 33,000+. The four key aims of the Kolping movement are:

  • Enabling the members to live as good human beings/good Christians,
  • Enabling the members to live as good parents and good family members,
  • Facilitating the members to bloom as the hard workers
  • Helping the members to deliver his/her duties as good citizens for the well-being of all citizens in the country.At present, the programme in Palayamkottai-Kolping Region has its reach in 23 villages by forming 50  Kolping groups with the membership of 875 people.

F The following table gives the details on the loans disbursed to Kolping beneficiaries under various categories  during the reporting year.

Particulars on loans disbursed for the Kolping beneficiaries:

S.No Type of loan Number of beneficiaries Amount of loan given in INR Amount of Grant given in INR
1 Individual Income Generation  Programme (I.I.G.P.) Revolving fund 35 4,10,000.00
2 I.I.G.P from National office 11 2,19,000.00
3 Milch Animal Programme (M.A.P) 12 1,95,000.00
4 Vocational Training Programme 25 2,80,000.00
5 Housing 04 1,60,000.00 40,000.00
6 Construction of household toilets 20 2,00,000.00 1,00,000.00
7 Organic Agricultural Practices 02 4,000.00
8 Flood Relief Fund 04 28,350.00
9 Additional support for Vocational Training (Tailoring & Beautician ) 13 70,000.00


10 Kolping Death Relief Fund 02 10,000.00
Total 128 14,64,000.00 2,52,350.00

Details on number of beneficiaries who get engaged in different individual income generation programmes.

S.No Name of the I.I.G.P Number of members involved Amount given by Kolping India in INR
1 Agricultural Activities 03 60,000.00
2 Cow rearing 04 40,000.00
3 Fish vending 06 60,000.00
4 Goat rearing 06 80,000.00
5 Running mess/canteen 01 20,000.00
6 Vegetable vending 03 50,000.00
7 Petty shop 03 60,000.00
8 Poultry 05 60,000.00
9 Renting out vessels 06 70,000.00
10 Renting out chairs 02 39,000.00
11 Flori-culture and flower vending 07 90,000.00
Total 46 6,29,000.00

Training cum capacity building programmes had been delivered to the target people covered under KolpingProgramme and the details of the same are given in the below table.

S.No Date of training programmes Title of the training Place of training Number of trainings Number of participants
1 16-04-2016 &


Training on book-keeping TSSS training hall 02 60
2 21-04-2016 &


Training on Leadership qualities. TSSS training hall 02 60
3 25-04-2016 Training on Entrepreneurial Development Programme TSSS training hall 01 45
4 13-05-2016 &


Training on Organic Agricultural Practices `(O.A.P) TSSS training hall 02 60
5 20-06-2016 Payment for Practice on OAP TSSS Office 01 02
6 22-06-2016,

30-09-2016 &


Training on Family values TSSS training hall 03 120
7 15-07-2016 &


Orientation on Sanitation &

Mass Awareness Campaign

St.Antony’s High School, Pettai 02 840
8 26-07-2016 &


HIV/AIDS prevention and care TSSS training hall 02 70
9 27-08-2016 &


Right based Awareness TSSS training hall 02 90
10 13-09-2016,

20-09-2016 &


Orientation training on women and child protection Women Resource Centre 03 115
11 16-11-2016 Interface meeting with other initiatives TSSS training hall 01 50
Total   21 1512

Special Events in Tirunelveli Kolping Region:

  1. Kolping Day was celebrated in order to remember the great service of Blessed Adolf Kolping on 26th October 2016 and food and financial support was given for deserving poor on that day.
  2. Various days of importance were observed and celebrated for teaching the values of those important days to the target people. Many relevant programmes and cultural events were arranged for comemorating the days of importance which awakened the participants and the general public to a great extent.
  3. World Toilet Day was observed on 25th November 2016 in St.Antony’s Higher Secondary school at Pettai in which 810 school students participated along with their teachers. Awareness education was delivered to the students on village hygiene and personal hygiene. The school students had been taught on the mode of making use of toilets and the need of keeping public places clean and hygiene. All the students and teachers participated in the rally by holding awareness placards in their hands. The programme created very good impact among the students, teachers, parents and the general public. Slogans on various social development themes were raised by the participants who took part in the rally cum meeting.

We extend our whole-hearted gratitude to the National Director,Rev.Fr.Antony Raj and the programme staff in Kolping India National Office in Chennai for their unstinted support and fruitful cooperation for carrying out the programme to the Kolping members of Tirunelveli region.