Empowerment of Small and Marginal Farmers

Climate change and its related ill-effects on farming in India force the small and marginal farmers into the mire of indebtedness and due to the burden of debts and crop loss, increasing number of farmers commit suicide every year. Having understood this grave reality, TSSS, as the change agent, educate and awaken the small and marginal farmers in the perspectives of sustainable agriculture and eco-farming practices. The staff of TSSS could organize the target farmers into farmers groups and make them learn and practise the salient elements of eco-farming for making rain-fed farming as the sustainable and reqarding one. The community organizers form farmers groups and teach them the eco-farming techniques and know-how.

  • No of Groups formed                        –  56
  • Number of Members in the Groups  –  1039

The district level federation of Farmers meets regularly and discusses about occupational issues of the target farmers and plans strategies to encounter them with the concerted efforts of one and all. Tamil Nadu Social Service Society, the Regional forum, guides and empowers the target farmers by organizing lobbying and advocacy initiatives at the state level.