Milk Coopratives and Sales Outlets

Bharathi milk cooperative was started on 3rd November 2007 with the membership of 20 members at Pudukulam and Ayankulam villages. As of now the Bharathi milk cooperatives have been functioning in 12 villages namely Vettiyapanthi, Nochikulam, Arokianathapuram, Dakkarammalpuram, Ayankulam, Pudhukulam, Rajagopalapuram, Bharathi Nagar in Palayamkottai block and Pallamadai, Kuppanapuram, Manoor and Nariyuthu in Manoor block with 325 members. Approximately 42,000/- to 45,000/- litres of milk is being procured and sold every month and the procurement rate of milk is Rs.27/- per litre and same is sold for Rs.42/- per litre.

Major activities carried out for the target members of the milk cooperatives during the reporting year:

  • The functionaries of Milk cooperatives were given gifts as the incentive for their work.
  • Mr.Ravikularaman, an expert in livelihood development, took awareness education for the stakeholders of Bharathi milk cooperatives and explained to them about making value added products from milk.
  • The bran and animal feed were purchased at the whole sale rate by TSSS and distributed to the members of the Bharathi milk coperatives as a reault each member could get Rs.100 to 150 as profit from a sack of bran and animal feed.
  • The Asst.Director of TSSS,Rev.Fr.Rajesh, visited all the villages of the milk coperatives and encouraged the members to do well.
  • The Zonal Coordinator, Mrs.Saroja and the Community organizers namely Mrs.Isabella, Mrs.Samuthiravalli and Mrs.Jesintha make a visit to each village once in a fortnight and  make necessary followup among the project stakeholders. Due suggestions and guidance are being given to the functionaries of the milk cooperatives to expand the business and to develop the same with professional acumen.
  • The vets from the vetrinary hospitals extend their service to all the villages and treat the animals in need. Their cooperation and support are very much helpful for the project beneficiaries to safeguard the animals from mortality.

Attaining Economic development by nurturing country chicks.

South Sevalpatti is one of the backward villages situated in Kayathar block of Tuticorin district.Eighty five families belonging to four different castes namely Nayakkars, Devars, Asaris and Pallars live in the village amicably. Though it is a multi-caste village, people of this village sit and discuss together for the development of all people living in the village. Agriculture is the predominant occupation for the people of this village and people depend on monsoon rains for agriculture. Failure of agriculture in every alternate years hamper the econmic development of the people. The self help groups initiated by TSSS awaken and train the people in the perspectives of alternative livelihood and income generation activities. Annai Indira Self Help Group has been functioning in the village since the year 1999 and Mrs.Kavitha is one of the active member of the Self Help Group.TSSS delivered various training programmes for the people of this village to enable them to take up alternative livelihood development. Mrs.Kavitha who attended various training programmes, got an idea of rearing country chicks. She obtained Rs.50,000/- as loan from TSSS and started raising country chicks in the backyards of her home. After raising the chicks for two months, she used to sell the same for good profit. She could sell the chicks for Rs.12,000/- within a span of nine months and chicks and hens worth of Rs.60,000/- is kept by her besides the above sale. Above all, the whole family consume the eggs of country hens and sell the remaining eggs for Rs.1000/- per month. She could educate her son and daughter with the income she earns from this livelihood activity besides repaying the monthly instalments regularly.

Opt for a suitable income generating intiative and invest your money judiciously, then the success is yours

is the golden words of Mrs.Kavitha.